imMaJellan 0.8

Create destination directory, ex. C:\imMaJellan
Using WinZip or similar tool, extract files to created destination directory.
Go to destination directory, ex. C:\> cd C:\imMaJellan
Execute the run.bat file, ex. C:\> imMaJellan\run.bat

Please read the License file found in the 'doc' directory, ex. C:\imMaJellan\doc\License.txt

When installing a new release of imMaJellan, it is important to first make a bkup copy of your settings file. Data is stored in the file, data/MaJellan.cfg. After un-ziping the new release file, move this backed up file back into the updated data directory.

Windows 2K/XP
Java 1.4+